*Pilots Federation ALERT*
Sirius Corporation has successfully gathered materials to construct new independent settlements for Marlinist emigrants.
Both the Empire and the Federation accepted the proposal from Sirius Corporation to establish colonies for the political refugees, who have been the cause of increased tension between the superpowers.
CEO Li Yong-Rui made this announcement:
“As always, the galactic community’s immense contribution has made this achievement possible. The shipments of atmospheric processors, auto-fabricators, structural regulators and water purifiers will be used to construct new outposts and settlements in 8 uninhabited systems.”
The Omega Merchant Command is now offering rewards at Ellis Gateway in the Bd+05 1146 system to all pilots who delivered commodities.
Aaron Whyte, a community leader among the refugees, commented on Vox Galactica:
“I suppose we should be grateful that these colonies give us a chance of survival. But none of us wanted to set up our own kingdoms – only to remove the kings. And one day, we will.”
The Marlinist population is expected to be transferred from Federal space to the new colonies in early 3307.