Please find CMDR Yodaofborg’s Simple BGS Guide

Yoda is one of the leaders of The Galactic Archive, our sister PC squadron.

There are many questions asked by new members, and his guide answers the bulk of them. There is a lot more detail to the BGS (Background Simulation) and once you progress past Rookie you will get access to the =Sapere Aude= BGS guide which is hugely comprehensive.

While you earn your stripes, this simple guide will answer all of your basic questions. If something you want to know is not mentioned, hit the link at the foot of the page to submit a question.


A basic run down: BGS (Or Background Simulation) is one of the many things we do, and while efforts towards these goals are much appreciated they are in no way mandatory – but as you are here, thanks for thinking about lending a hand! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mission reports:
Mission reports are an important piece of the BGS action. Each day there is a “tick” where the server rolls over to the next day of simulation, but until this happens influence changes cannot be seen. Reporting helps us to plan the next move and work out what needs to be done, and where. We can see what results we should be getting and compare with actual results. But what to report?
A basic mission report should be in the following format:
– the name of the system that the mission or action was taken.
– State which faction (TGA, SA, =SA=, or :TGA: are acceptable) and action taken (for example mission / bounty / carto data) and reward (+3 INF is the same as a mission reward of INF+++, otherwise state the financial value; for trade express your work as profit total vs quantity: eg: 270,000/160 Water Purifiers)

So if I took a mission for The Galactic Archive in Capoya, which rewards me with INF ++++, and cashed in bounties for 201,332c my report would look like the following.

TGA Mission INF +4
TGA Bounties 201,332cr

WTF is an INF+ ?
Each “+” represents one “point” of INF from the missions rewards you choose. As you complete varying Missions, you will in most cases be able to choose a Reward. In some cases the Reward is immutable. A mission that rewards INF +++ should be reported as INF +3 for easier readability.

For example you might be able to choose between:

100,000 CR / REP++ / INF++
5,000 CR / REP+ / INF+++++
5,000 CR / REP+++++ / INF+

In these examples itโ€™s obvious, you are choosing between credits and 2 points REP/INF, or fewer credits but 5 points of REP or INF respectively. Reputation and goods rewards are personal to your commander, so these do not need to be reported.

How much work do I need to do?
Simple answer is, as little or as much as you can. A few missions here, and a few trade profits there might not seem like a lot, but every point can count sometimes. Some soft caps are listed as follows:
+INF Missions – This includes passenger missions, a maximum of 30 INF points per day*
Bounties – Up-To 4 Million Credits – must be handed in at a facility the needed faction owns.
Cartographic Data – Up-to 10 Million Credits – must be sold in at a facility the needed faction owns.
Trade Profits – Profits only count here, not the total transaction value; up to 6 Million, and sell in at a facility the needed faction owns.

*you can exceed this 30 if you wish. Its connected to not only the system population, but how much the other factions contribute in opposition; which is generally unknowable. If you can do more without effort do it. Otherwise, 30 is ample.

The term “soft cap” is used above as these figures can be influenced by many things. The above numbers are based on a population of 10 million, and can be different in higher populated systems and affected by other factors. If some unusual work is required it will usually be mentioned in the #tga or #sa-bgs-missions channel. A few missions here, and a few bounties there are a great way to get a better understanding. Follow the mission reports, and ask questions. But most of all, HAVE FUN! If it becomes a chore, put it down for a bit and go engineer that module! That last part is the most important – Have fun!