A Burst Laser emits three laser blasts in each burst, much like a burst fire assault rifle does in comparison to a semi-auto. Burst lasers do much more damage in a single burst than a pulse laser does in a single shot.

Burst Lasers do thermic damage, causing increased damage to shields. Like all lasers they have a damage penalty against hulls but exhibit a little more damage than Beam Lasers do. They sit in the middle of thermal/power draw, utilising more power than a pulse but not as much as a beam laser. Range is 3000m but Damage Falloff is early at 500m.


The following modifications can be applied to this module:

Recommended Configuration

If you aren’t sure, Burst Lasers are the quickest way to get a test build up and running. Overcharged/Oversize as ever is a great configuration and the huge benefit of Burst lasers is that it’s the best compromise of all worlds. If in doubt, start your thermic attack basis from Burst and work from there.