*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*
Further deliveries to Alcor and Colonia are required to add new facilities to the Colonia Bridge starports.
The Colonia Bridge project is currently halfway through its final phase, which takes place over a four-week period. In the previous week, pilots supplied large quantities of performance enhancers, personal weapons and survival equipment.
A press release from Brewer Corporation outlined the next stage:
“Thanks to the hard work of many independent pilots, we have established a Pioneer Supplies outlet, a crew lounge and a search and rescue contact at the five starports along the travel corridor between the core systems and the Colonia region.”
“For week three, our aim is to continue constructing the stations by installing a material trader, concourse bar and mission contract services. These will rely on shipments of computer components, liquor and water purifiers.”
“For pilots who deliver these to Macdonald Settlement in the Alcor system and Jaques Station in the Colonia system, Brewer Corporation will be pleased to offer a White Engine Drive Colour and a White Carrier Drive Colour alongside payment in credits.”
Once this week’s initiative concludes, week four will aim to complete the Colonia Bridge starports with a full range of services.