Generally we ask for one Elite rank to join =Sapere Aude=. This isn’t meant to exclude beginners, but to weed out those who are team players from those who’ll play for a week and then disappear. 

As one can obtain an Elite rank in a matter of days by grinding, this is less than an ideal indicator and so we provide this guide for beginners to complete which will get you up to “squad level” in the way we recommend.


This guide takes you right from the login page to being in the Sapere Aude home system in a ship where you can participate in squad activities. You may be partly along the way, you may not be joining Sapere Aude, but you can either follow the chapters below in order, or pick and choose what you’d like to do to get started.

If you have tips or suggestions for this page, please click here to flip to the bottom of the page and submit them. Non-SA CMDRs will be credited and their blog/squadron name linked should we use submissions.


BGS Sections Include:

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  • Missions
  • Influence
  • Reporting & Contributing
  • Actions & Values
  • Conflicts
  • Assets
  • Special Forces
  • Black Ops
  • Maintaining Systems
  • Other Guides



At any station you can access missions from the Station Services menu. On completion of any mission you undertake, a reward is offered in the form of credits and associated influence points (INF), reputation points (REP), materials (which will help later in the game ..see Engineering).

To help your faction, ONLY take missions for that faction and no other. When you choose rewards, choose REP until you become ALLIED, then choose INF. You can then report the INF you submit to your squadron or team leader.

You can also help your faction by other actions; see Actions & Values below.

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At every server tick, once daily, the INF (influence) of your faction/squadron will update.

Below 7%, you won’t enter conflicts; below 2.5%, you may retreat.

If you match another faction in INF it will result in conflict if there is an asset to contest.

If you exceed 75% you will enter Expansion and can move into another system.

You can find out the INF for a faction from the RHS status panel, the central station menu, the Galaxy Map (via System Map) or Inara/EDSM once those services are updated via a CMDR visit.


Reporting & Contributing

Your squadron may ask you to report the INF you submit; this will help the squadron to determine the effect and subsequently the direction they may take to expand the systems the faction controls.

Mission reports are an important piece of the BGS action. Each day there is a “tick” where the server rolls over to the next day of simulation, but until this happens influence changes cannot be seen. Reporting helps your faction to plan their next move and work out what needs to be done, and where. They can see what results they should be getting and compare with actual results.

But what to report? How much to submit?

If you wish to contribute on your own terms, what to do?

Essentially there are only a core few activities that affect your faction out of conflict:

Missions (Std and Passenger)Bounty Hunting • Cartographic Data • Trade Profit • Negative Actions


Actions & Values

Getting started, everybody is keen to know what values they should submit for the best results. There is a lot of theory behind this, but the simplest explanation is that your actions have a cap, or maximum threshold. Here is a simple breakdown to get you going.

Missions: You count the value in terms of the INF you submit, so an INF+++++ and an INF+++ missions reward totals 8. CMDRs should submit 10-30 per tick.

Cartographic Data: Sell it at a station owned by your faction to a minimum of 700k and maximum of 10m per tick. Breaking it down into individual pages doesn’t matter.

Bounty Vouchers: Submit vouchers for your faction to a minimum of 150k and maximum of 4m per tick.

Trade Profit: Count the actual profit rather than transaction value. For example 700 items at 700 cr/T = 490k profit.



If your faction ends up within 1% of another faction, the INF will lock, and a conflict will start (providing there is an asset to be fought for).

War/Civil War can be triggered between factions long as they are from different Social Groups or are anarchies. Otherwise elections are triggered.

Conflicts last up to 7 days; with the result decided by whoever has the most victories. Thus conflicts can be ended early by the first faction to reach 4 clear victories.

In elections, victories are won by traditional methods; missions, data etc.

In war, victories are won by triumphing in combat zones, handing in combat bonds. and massacre missions.

The winner receives the asset up for grabs, and both factions end up approx 8% apart in INF.




At the end of a conflict, an asset exchange will take place. This will be a station, or a settlement.

You can see the asset up for grabs in the central panel of any starport in which the faction has a presence.

In some cases, 2 assets may be up for grabs, with both factions standing to lose an asset in the loss of a conflict.

On the conclusion of the conflict, the asset will transfer to the victor.

With the Primary Asset (usually the largest starport closest to the main system star) comes the ownership of the system.

Once you own a system, you are able to expand from there further.

Expansion will occur in simple terms to the nearest system within a 20Ly cube, with less than 7 factions present.


Special Forces

You may wish to get more involved in the BGS, helping your squadron to gather data, organise activity and plan. In =SA= you can join the Special Forces group to do this.


Black Ops

This is a =SA= area only, please click to find out more if you are a registered Sapere Aude Commander.


Maintaining Systems

Preventing Unwanted Activity

A faction can only expand from one system at a time. Unwanted wars can cause loss of stations/systems. Other factions’ activity can affect you. To find out more about system maintenance click below.