Azimuth Biotech has publicly offered assistance to Subject D-2, the Project Seraph survivor who gate-crashed the recent Aegis symposium.
The woman, now identified as Seo Jin-ae, unexpectedly arrived at the event on Tuesday. She claimed to possess knowledge of the ‘Thargoid roar’ that was heard at HIP 22460 following the Proteus Wave’s activation. There is speculation that this relates to her inclusion in experiments to create human pilots for Thargoid vessels.
Professor Alba Tesreau has since issued a brief statement:
“Along with other former members of Aegis, I have provided sanctuary to Seo Jin-ae. She is currently receiving medical treatment at a private facility. Ms Seo’s safety and welfare is now my responsibility.”
Torben Rademaker, CEO of Azimuth Biotech, made the following declaration on public channels:
“We extend our heartfelt sympathies to the individual known as D-2, and would like to extend an offer of assistance. This tragically mistreated individual will receive little help from a random assortment of ex-Aegis personnel. With our decades of research and xenological specialists, Azimuth Biotech is far better suited to assess both her physical and mental health.”
“Her wellbeing would be our main concern, of course, but the possibility that D-2 can somehow interpret Thargoid communications should not be dismissed. We can help her to explore this ability, which may grant important insights into the Thargoid species.”
“I must also clarify that the Project Seraph facilities in HIP 22460 and HIP 26176 were under Salvation’s direct control, and were kept hidden from the wider corporation. The discovery of these sites was as much a shock to me as anybody else. It’s a matter of personal regret that Azimuth’s long history includes examples of such misguided operations. We are eager to make amends for Salvation’s mistakes.”