The Advanced Multi-cannon is a weapon module with a unique configurable ammunition system based on Guardian technology.

By default, the Advanced Multi-cannon is identical in terms of both performance and cost to a standard Multi-cannon, and also fires the same small calibre ammunition. 

The Advanced Multi-cannon’s key feature is that Anti-Xeno ammunition can be synthesized for it on the fly, allowing the weapon to be used in combat situations against Thargoid vessels as well as human ones. Unlike dedicated Anti-Xeno weapons, the Advanced Multi-cannon does not have experimental weapon restrictions, allowing pilots to equip as many as their ships can accommodate.

It was developed by the minor faction Zende Partners of the Zende system as part of the Bridging the Gap Interstellar Initiative.

Recommended Configuration

Use of this weapon is only likely in Anti-Xeno builds. Available as a size 1 and 2 fixed variant only, the use of this will be situational to your Xeno Build goals. See our section on Anti-Xeno / Thargoid matters for ship builds and usage related to this weapon, and read the section on Multi-Cannons for additional info.