*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*
Brewer Corporation has requested a new batch of deliveries to the Alcor and Colonia systems.
The Colonia Bridge is comprised of 56 stationary megaships and six starports, providing facilities to travellers between the core systems and the Colonia region. However, the starports are still in a state of construction.
The megacorp outlined its latest requirements in a press release:
“Phase four of the Colonia Bridge project launched with a highly satisfactory first week. Shipments of coffee, emergency power cells, geological equipment and liquid oxygen arrived in sufficient numbers to ensure Universal Cartographics and Vista Genomics services were added to all six starports.”
“The goal of the second week is to continue assembling the stations’ infrastructure, and install Pioneer Supplies, Crew Lounge and Search and Rescue services. To achieve this, performance enhancers, personal weapons and survival equipment are needed in large quantities.”
“Pilots are asked to provide these at Macdonald Settlement in the Alcor system and Jaques Station in the Colonia system. As well as guaranteeing generous reimbursements to all contributors, Brewer Corporation is pleased to offer warm, white cockpit lights as an additional token of gratitude.”
The third and fourth weeks of the project’s final phase will focus on adding further services on the Colonia Bridge starports to accommodate all pilot professions.