Sapere Aude has been designed to be a new kind of Elite Dangerous Squadron, finding a balance between completely free reign, and regularly scheduled activities. Our focus is on an open egalitarian leadership system with multiple leaders running a handful of events per month. Members are expected to participate in 2 or more events per month; which isn’t a huge commitment, but we do expect members to participate in the squad and its activities.


We encourage roleplay and interactive play. This means playing in Open for the main part, and working together to provide escort and wings as often as possible. This means a far better Elite experience.


We are currently working on a set of rules and guidelines to establish a framework before membership is opened further.


We’re looking to build a dedicated team of leaders so the workload is shared, and no one person is bigger than the squadron.



Goals for Season One:

  • Establish a small team of leaders
  • Discuss squad goals and ethics
  • Finalise goals, rules and start recruitment
  • Establish a home starport
  • Plan and name our first expedition
- Aesica


We’re currently looking for leaders in a variety of disciplines. To apply use the form below or click here to find out more.

Talk to Us

If you want to discuss joining, join our Discord.


If you want to co-host events with us, or ally with us in-game, join our Discord.