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JUNE 13, 3305

The first item on my to-do list getting back into the game was Imperial rank.

I spent most of the day circling around the Cubeo system and its neighbours, combining up REP+ jobs for Imperial factions.

I started the day in my Beluga as I’d intended to run REP missions but as I started to combine missions to get multiple drops at destination starports, I found myself dumping passenger cabins for more cargo holds and before I knew it I was running cargo in the Beluga.

This held me back a little even with cargo capacity up to 295, and suitable rank-up missions kept passing me by as I had no combat ability, cargo space or was limited by landing pad size.

Although I considered switching to a smaller ship, I ended up finishing all the Imperial rank missions in the Beluga up to Knight. During this time I upgraded the ship with Reactive Armour, Chaff, and Shield Boosters, running into the common problem of overheating, which overcharging the power plant to accomodate these items did not help. To help finish up my Imperial Rank, I decided to ship my trusty T9 to Cubeo.