A new kind of Elite Dangerous Squadron. Only for PS4 players, now looking to expand to PC and XBox. If you play on XBox or PC, and want to get in with a well-established squad at a senior level, come chat on Discord. Our Knowledge Base is open to the general public, and is in beta. Our tags are SAUD in-game for PS4, and you’re welcome to add us to PSN Friends Lists. Start with Aesica.


CQC Public Event CQC-IF:

Every Monday, Wednesday* & Thursday

8pm Game Time // 9pm GMT
10pm EU // 4pm EST // 1pm PST

All welcome; ask Aesica, AresMk2, or DLin1420 on PSN for an invite to group

*Wednesday will be 8-9pm PST, TBA


PVP Fight Club is weekly in a new system each week.

Fight to 20% hull, no rebuy. Every Friday & Saturday til late, from 5pm EST // 10pm GMT // 10pm Game Time.

Talk to Aesica#3565 or Kaedrean#9213 (Discord) for more info.

We are currently considering opening an Xbox branch. If you’d like to join a fully-operational squadron at a leadership level, please get in touch by hitting the icon above.

We are currently considering opening a PC branch. If you’d like to join a fully-operational squadron at a leadership level, please get in touch by hitting the icon above.


A squadron with multiple leaders and activities spanning a wide range of disciplines in Elite. Intended for over-18 players who want to participate in 1 or 2 activities per month and get the best out of the game.


Trade – Exploration – Mining – Ship Building
BGS & Base Building – Expansion – Bounty Hunting

Piracy – Fun Events – Expeditions – PvP – PvE
Roleplay – Image/Video Blogging


Tired of listless squadrons where nothing happens? Want to expand your roleplay and get the best out of the Elite universe? Rediscover that sense of wonder with our galleries, activities and shared goals.


Our website allows you to blog content to the squadron and the world, creating a truly shared universe where you can plan, discuss and share your experiences.


We’re looking to build a dedicated team of leaders so the workload is shared, and no one person is bigger than the squadron.



All Goals for Season One were accomplished and beaten.

Goals for Season Two won’t be posted publicly but if you want to find out more about what Sapere Aude are up to, then join the Discord to chat with us.

We have a decent community with commanders from many platforms and game disciplines interacting.

- Aesica


We’re currently looking for players in a variety of disciplines. Beginners will receive lots of. help and advice, and experienced players will find lots to do and plenty of activities. To apply use the form below or click here to find out more.

Talk to Us

If you want to discuss joining, join our Discord.


If you want to co-host events with us, or ally with us in-game, join our Discord.